CBCT scans


Nelson Orthodontics has made a significant investment in its dental cone beam computed tomography machine, or CBCT.

A CBCT is a special type of x-ray machine that uses advanced technology to generate three dimensional (3D) images of dental structures, soft tissues, nerve paths and bone in the skull, jaw and facial area, all in one scan.  

Images obtained with CBCT allow for more precise treatment planning – which is why we are regularly using our CBCT for treatment planning for our patients.  We are also seeing an increase in the region’s dentists and dental specialist sending their patients to us for a CBCT scan, to help with treatment at their own practices.

A CBCT scan is quick, painless and very safe to use.


SureSmile System


Drs Andrew Lush and Andrew Marriott were some of the first orthodontists in New Zealand to implement SureSmile system.

  • Computer Aided Orthodontic Planning

  • Robotic Wire Manufacturing Service

  • Custom made 3d printed trays to position the brackets

Using a specialised scanner and the CBCT, we can assess the orthodontic issues, and use virtual simulation tools to design the treatment plan.  Robotically constructed arch wires achieve results that gives a degree of accuracy and consistency that is a quantum leap ahead of manual orthodontic treatment.

With conventional orthodontics, using a bracket-and-wire system, treatment takes longer because the orthodontist bends the wire by hand.  To put all these bends in a wire by hand will take a number of visits at monthly intervals.  With SureSmile, we send the orthodontic plan to the USA where a robot can precision bend the wire in around 3 minutes.  The wire is sent back to us, inserted into the patient’s brackets and then activated by the body’s natural heat.  The material characteristics of the wire’s ‘memory’ will deliver consistent, gentle forces to move the teeth to the desired position.  

The wires don’t actually move the teeth faster than conventional wires, they do it with greater precision and consistency – which can result in reduced overall treatment times.

Suresmile isn’t suitable for all our patients – however we are using it more and more often because of the results we are seeing from integrating this technology into our practice.