My braces are loose/broken

Braces are normally quite robust.  Sometimes a bracket may come unglued from a tooth, a band may become loose, or a wire may break.

Call us first. A special appointment may be needed to repair the brace. In some circumstances it may be OK to leave it until your next appointment with us, but please let us know. We have emergency time allocated during the day especially for these problems should they arise.

A wire is sticking into my cheek/gum

A lot of brace treatment involves closing spaces between teeth. Sometimes when we are doing this or in the very early stages of treatment, a small length of wire can start to protrude from the back of the brace, this can be quite annoying. For temporary relief place some of the wax given to you over the wire at the end of the brace to stop it from poking your cheek. If it is a nuisance, call us for an appointment and we will trim the end of the wire to relieve the problem.

My teeth are really achy and sore after the braces have gone on or been adjusted

Unfortunately, this is part of the process.  The braces are encouraging your teeth to move – gently, but steadily.  We recommend taking some over-the-counter pain medication, such as paracetamol, drinking cold (non-sugary!) drinks, applying an icepack to the face, and sticking to soft foods, such as soups, smoothies or mashed veges for the first couple of days.

Wait it out, the achiness will ease and you are on the journey towards your beautiful new smile.

I’ve lost/broken my retainer

Sometimes removable retainers may be lost or broken (or chewed by the dog – dogs love them!).  Other retention devices such as fixed wires may become loose or come off completely.  Please retain any loose or broken parts – don’t throw them away – and give us a call straight away.  Remember your teeth may start to move very quickly once the retainer is not holding them in place.